Editorial Board

Editorial Board & Sections

•Editor in Chief

Tarhan N. (İstanbul, Turkey)

•Associate Editors

Tas C. (İstanbul, Turkey)

Metin B. (İstanbul, Turkey)

Hizli-Sayar G. (İstanbul, Turkey)


•Section Editors


•Cell Biology, Signaling and Synaptic Transmission: Studies investigating the cellular, molecular and genetic bases of structure, function and signaling (both intracellular and intercellular) in nervous systems.

Senior Editors:

Konuk M. (İstanbul, Turkey)

Ulucan K (İstanbul, Turkey)

Kaplan O (Berlin,Germany)


•Computational Neuroscience: Studies investigating the psychatric and neurological disorders using computational methods.

Senior Editors:

Ozekes S. (İstanbul, Turkey)

Erguzel T (İstanbul, Turkey)


• Degeneration and Regeneration,Aging and Neurologiacal disorders:Studies concerning neuronal and glial development and the formation of the nervous system, molecular and cellular aspects of degeneration and regeneration, changes associated with the aging brain and neurological disorders.

Senior Editors:

Tanrıdağ O (İstanbul, Turkey)

Salcini C (İstanbul, Turkey)


Systems and Behavioral Neuroscience: Studies concerning structure and organization of neural circuits, sensory and motor systems, internal regulatory systems and the control of behaviors.

Senior Editors:

Uzbay T (İstanbul, Turkey)

Shoaib M (Newcastle, UK)

Telegdy G  (Szeged, Hungary)

Dursun İ (İstanbul, Turkey)

Gonzalez-Liencres C. (Bochum, Germany)

Kafaligonul H (Ankara, Turkey)

Oz P (İstanbul, Turkey)

Kaya-Yertutanol FD (İstanbul, Turkey)


•Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology: Studies of the neural mechanisms of cognition and behavior in humans and animal models including basic behaviors and higher mental functions; as well as studies dealing with realistic simulation, analysis and prediction of the structure and functions of nervous systems with various neuroimaging tools.

Senior Editors:

Brown EC (Baltimore, USA)

Tas C (İstanbul, Turkey)

Demiralp T (İstanbul, Turkey)

Bayraktaroglu Z (İstanbul, Turkey)

Metin B (İstanbul, Turkey)


• Clinical Neuroscience and Psychology: Studies whose primary focus is on clinically diseased nervous systems or disease models, including molecular, cellular systems and behavioral approaches and analysis of therapeutic interventions (e.g. psychological interventions, psychopharmacology and neuromodulationstrategies.)

Senior Editors:

Dilbaz N (istanbul, Turkey)

Esen-Danaci A (Manisa, Turkey)

Tek C (New Haven, USA)

Hızlı-Sayar G (İstanbul, Turkey),


•Reviews : Invited reviews on all aspects of nervous system structure and function. The editors welcome suggestions for specific review topics.

Senior Editor:

Karamustafalıoğlu O. (İstanbul, Turkey)


Statistical Editor:

Ozdogru A. (İstanbul, Turkey)




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ISSN (Online) 2148-4325

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