Aims and Scope

Aims & Scope

The scope of the journal is broad. It covers many disciplines and spans molecules (e.g., molecular neuroscience, biochemistry) through systems (e.g., neurophysiology, systems neuroscience) to behavior(e.g. cognitive neuroscience) and clinical aspects (e.g. psychopharmacology). The journal covers all aspects of neuroscience with an emphasis on translational psychiatry and psychology, as long as the goal is to delineate the neural mechanisms underlying normal or pathological behavior. Preclinical and clinical studies are equally considered for publication. We also invite manuscripts on the methods of computational modelling of psychiatric and neurological disorders, and treatment outcome.

The journal has a special emphasis on psychiatric and neurological disorders. However studies on normal human behavior are also considered. Studies on animals and technical notes must have clear relevance and applicability to human disease. Case Reports that includes recent neuroscientific treatment or diagnosis methods are generally within the scope of JNBS.

Please see our editorial board section for information on specific sections.

In addition, the following two categories are further featured in JNBS:

• Mini-reviews that succinctly survey appropriate areas of current research or theory
• Commentaries that serve as vehicles for brief presentations of new theories, hypotheses, points of view, or critiques of current research

Papers will be selected on the basis of their methodology and negative results are strongly considered for publication.

The average time from submission to first decision is less than 30 days. Accepted articles are published online ahead of print in an average of 40 workdays, and articles are published in print 3-6 months after acceptance.

Please see our Guide for Authors for information on article submission. If you require any further information or help, please email us (

Editor-in-Chief: N. Tarhan

Associate editors: C. Tas, M. Metin, G. Hizli-Sayar

Publishing Editor: Y. Ibadi



ISSN (Print) 2149-1909
ISSN (Online) 2148-4325

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